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To translate the text embedded within your image against the same background, upload your photo, select the language, and then click the translate button.

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How to Translate Text From an Image?

Follow the below steps to learn how to translate text inside images.

01 Uploading

Upload your image by clicking the "file upload" icon in the input box.


Enter the URL of your image.

02 crop

Crop your photo and hit the "OK" button after you are all set.

03 Select Language

Select the language you want to translate on the left side.

04 Translate Image

Select the language in which you want to translate the text.

05 Translate Button

Hit the "translate" button.

Hurray! You have successfully translated the text from your image.

You can also download your image by pressing the "download" icon. download icon

Translate Text From Image Against the Same Background

Translating text which is embedded inside an image while keeping it on the same background is not an easy task, you need heavy image editing softwares and skills to do it. But do you know there is an easy way? Yes, with the help of an web based image translator you can easily and instantly translate the language of the text present inside your photo while replacing the original text with the translated version on the same background. In just a few clicks text from your image will be translated, after that you can download the translated version of your image and share it anywhere you want.

Photo Translate

What is an Online Image Translator?

tablet showing image translator front screen

Image translator is an online tool developed using advanced technology to break the language barrier by translating text embedded inside images in a fraction of a second. With the advanced OCR (Optical character recognition) and language translation algorithms, you can instantly translate text inside your images on the same background.

Now guess what? Whether you are standing on a street and reading a signboard or sitting in a restaurant having problems reading the menu, this photo translator will be your translation partner.

Features of photo translator

The amazing features of photo translator set it apart from the other tools, some of them are discussed below:

easy upload

Easily upload the image

Upload your image with one click using the file upload icon, and you can also paste the URL of the image if it is hosted on a cloud drive or website.

easy to use

Free To Use

You can use it for free but with limited features and accuracy, for highly accurate and perfect translation you can upgrade to premium.

user friendly interface

Support Multiple formats

This tool supports multiple image formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF.

No Signup

Instant Translation

Press the translate button, and this innovative text picture translator online will translate text on your image within seconds.

Support Multiple Format

Easy to use

The prominent feature of this tool is that it is effortless to use. You need to upload your image and hit the translate button; everything else will be done by the tool.

Instant Translation

User Friendly interface

With the modern user interface, you can get addicted to this photo translator because its color scheme and design will make you fall in love with it.

Translate Options

Translation options

You can easily select your original image's language from the left side and set your targeted language in which you want to translate from the right side.

Multi Language

Multiple Langauges

You can use this photo translator in various languages, which enables it to break language barriers. You can use this tool in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and many more languages.

easy upload

Replace text on same background

This tool not just overwrite the translated version of text on the images; it keeps the format and design of the font and replace original text with the translated version on same background.

Download Translated Image

Download Translated Image

Using this feature, you can download your image after translating its text into your desired language.

Use Cases of Image

There are several situations where this web based tool will become a lifesaver for you. Some of the use cases are given below


Accessibility and Inclusion

Picture translator can enhance accessibility by providing text translations from images for users with visual impairments or those who are not proficient in the native language.

easy upload

Traveling Enthausitis

Being a traveling and exploration enthusiast, you might need help understanding foreign languages. You can capture images of food menus, billboards, sign boards, and essential information and upload them to quickly translate text inside that image and order your food or understand the vital information.

easy upload

Cultural study and exploration

Suppose you are an art lover, studying literature and doing cultural studies of different religions. In that case, this image translator will help you translate the other language writing into your native language for better understanding.

easy upload

Language learning:

This photo translator is convenient for language learners, and they can utilize this tool to practice reading by translating the text from the images into their native language or vice versa.

easy upload


It helps translate webpages, and web documents to reach the global audience. Just upload the image of your webpage, and this tool will translate the text from that image. You can also download translated text in a .txt format instead of using image to text.

easy upload

For Research and Academics

Students and scholars who study multilingual documents, books, and articles can utilize it to quickly translate the relevant passages and make it easy for them to understand, which helps them in better analysis.

easy upload

Global business & communication

It is handy for business individuals who work with international clients, and they can use translate the text of agreements, contracts, and business documents that are in image format, which helps them effectively communicate with their global partners and clients.

easy upload

Social media platforms

One of the most significant applications of this tool is that social media users can translate the text from the posts that they found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit in a couple of seconds; this will help them spread their content to the broader audience.

The method of translating the language of the text from the images into another language by using OCR technology and advanced translation algorithms is known as image translation.

This image translator uses the innovative OCR technology on its backend, where your image gets processed, and your text will be translated in a couple of seconds as an output.

Upload your image using the upload icon or the image URL option to upload your pictures, then set up your languages and hit the translate button.

This tool doesn't store any images and information in its database, and we care about your privacy, so we don't require any signup or personal information.


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