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Enhance the brightness of your dull and dark images using our lighten image online, upload your image, and hit “lighten image”.

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Brighten Image Online

Do you want to lighten up dry and boring images?

Whether you are a photographer aiming for the perfect daylight glow, a content creator who wants to enhance the visual appeal, or you want to increase the brightness of your images, our lighten image has solutions for all of your needs.

Lighten Image is an online tool that is used to enhance the brightness or white light of your image in a few clicks.


How to Use Brighten Image?

To brighten up your image online, follow the below steps.

  1. Upload or drag and drop your image in the specified area.

  2. Hit the ‘Lighten’ button.
    You can click it over and over again to increase the brightness.

  3. Download the image by using the “Download” button.

You can also Darken the image by clicking the ‘Darken’ button next to the ‘Lighten’ button.


Example of brightened image

Brighten image before and after


Features of Lighten Image Online

The following are the features of our online Lighten image:

Fast Image Lightening

The image brightening process is quick in our lighten image; with a click of a button, your image will be brightened.

Free to Use

This brighten picture tool is free to use. Lighten up as many images as you want, and we will not charge even a single penny from you.

Easy to Use

Our brighten picture tool is straightforward to use without any complexity. You will not feel lost on any step while using this tool.

Incremental Brightening

Brighten your image as much as you want by repeatedly clicking the ‘Lighten’ button.


Use cases - Brighten Photo Tool

Following are the applications of Brighten Photo Tool:


You can enhance the brightness of your portrait photos by using our brighten picture tool to give your pictures a radiant glow.

E-Commerce Product Showcase

Show your products' minor details while displaying them to your customers. Use our brighten image tool to showcase your product effectively.

Social Media Posts

Brighten your images for social media posts to appear more appealing and eye-catching to grab people's attention.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you store uploaded images and personal data?

We do not store any photos uploaded on this tool; the images are lightened up and brightened in real-time, and once you close the window or refresh the tool, the image will vanish. Nobody has access to see the photos that you upload except you.

Do I have to sign up or register?

You do not have to sign up or register to use our Lighten a photo tool. Your experience with our tool means everything to us, and we will not disturb you with annoying popups.

Can I use this image whitener tool on a mobile phone?

Our tool is compatible with all devices; you can access it on Android and iOS devices by using a working internet browser.

Which Image formats are supported on this brighten image online tool?

You can upload JPG, PNG, JPG, and GIF format image files and lighten them using our tool.

What is the maximum image file size I can upload on this tool?

The maximum image file size is 5MB on our lighten image tool.

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