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To invert colors of an image, just upload your image, click the Invert colors button, and get your image’s inverted version.

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When the colors and tones of a digital image are altered in a way that the dark and light areas and colors are reversed, then the image becomes an Invert image or an inverted image. The image or the part of the image which was originally dark becomes light, and the area which was light becomes dark of image. Contemporary shades replace the colors of the image.

How to invert colors of an image?

A simple yet convenient way to invert colors online of a digital image is by using our color inverter. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Upload the image, Paste the URL, or  Drag & Drop your Image in the tools.

  2. Hit the “Invert colors” button below. You may crop the image by clicking the “Crop” button.

  3. Download the Inverted image in a split second by Clicking the “Download” button.

You can also remove background before inverting colors.

Features of Photo Inverter

The following are the key features of our Photo Inverter tool:

Free to use

Our invert image online tool is free to use, not just for a few images, but you can invert as many images as you want without spending a penny.

Invert Image in Split Second

When you upload your image and click the “Invert colors” button, it will only take a handful of milliseconds to invert the colors of the image you uploaded.

Download Image

After image inversion you can download your image in webp, png and jpg.

All Image Format Supported

Our Image inverter supports all the image formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and many more.

User-Friendly Interface 

Our Image Inverter is fast, intuitive, and easy to use, making it easy for everyone to get an inverted image. You can use the different options (zoom in, zoom out, move image) inverting your images.

Image Security

The image you upload is not saved in our databases or anywhere else. The image appears on the tool to be inverted, and once you click reset, the image vanishes.

How Our Invert Photo Tool Works?

There are complex algorithms used in our online image inverter that analyze and modify the colors of an image. The color complementation principle comes into play by which each color is replaced with its opposite on the color wheel; this creates a visually appealing effect in which light areas are converted into dark areas and vice versa.

For example, if the background color is gray in the image and the object color is red, our color inverter will replace the background color with red and the object color with gray.

Applications of our color inverter

Invert image colors generator has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Photography
  • Art and Design
  • Visual Experiments
  • Print and Textile Design 
  • Social media


How to invert colors of an image?

To invert the colors of an image, visit our online image inverter and Upload image, paste the image URL, or drag & drop your image and hit “Invert.” Within a split second, you get your inverted image.

Is this color inverter free to use?

Yes, Our Photo translator is free to use, and you can translate as many photos as you want.

Do I need to sign in or register to use this Image inverter?

No, this tool does not require you to sign in or register to invert images.

Can the inverted image be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, the inverted images from our tool can be used for commercial purposes without any restrictions.

How to invert photos on an iPhone?

The process to invert photo on an iPhone is also the same; you have to upload your image, click the “Invert” button, and you will get your inverted image.

Can I invert Image with text?

Yes, you can quickly invert images with text using this tool. Or, if you have an image in a language other than English, you can also translate text from the image before proceeding for better readability and understanding.

Do I have to convert my image in a specific format before inverting my image in this picture inverter?

No, Our Picture inverter will invert picture formats like JPEG, PNG, and JPG. So, you do not have to convert the image into a specific format before inverting it.

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