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To instantly translate a document into any language, upload your document in Word or PDF format, select the language into which you want your document translated, and hit the "translate" button.

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Translate documents & reach global audience

Translating documents & reaching a global audience is now easier than ever. If you are spending countless hours translating documents into multiple languages you don’t know for global reach, or spending thousands of dollars by paying professional native speakers to do this work, then stop right away because we have got your back. We are introducing our AI-powered free online document translator.

You can instantly and easily translate your Word and PDF files into your desired languages without messing up their layout. Yes, you read that right; it will translate your document while preserving its layout.

How to translate documents online?

Follow the steps below to translate text from your doc files into multiple languages:

1. Upload or drag and drop your document.
2. Set the language into which you want to translate it.
3. Hit the translate button.

That’s all you have to do. Now, wait for a few seconds and let our AI document translator complete the translation process.

After the document has been translated you can preview it and do a side-by-side comparison between original and translated version of your document, and you can then download it as a document and share it anywhere you want.

Online Document Translator

The PDF document translator is an online AI-based tool that can translate any document, such as PDF and Word files, into another language you don’t know while preserving the layout of the document.

It offers more than 100 languages in which you can translate your Word and PDF documents in a matter of seconds. You can translate a single document with a maximum of 2,000 words at a time.

Say goodbye to manual translations and welcome automated document translations using our online doc translator.

Supported Document types

Right now, our PDF document translator supports the translation of PDF and Word documents. Our developers are working on adding more formats soon. They will be added to the website.

Languages supported

There are 100 languages that are supported by our document translator, and the number is gradually growing.

Unique Features of our Free Document Translator

Check the features below that set us apart from other online document translators:

Translation powered by AI

Document translators use the power of artificial intelligence and the latest neural machine translation algorithms to ensure that each translated version of a document is contextually correct and accurate, without any errors.

Preserve layout

You can translate your document into multiple languages while preserving its layout, meaning all the headings, paragraph breaks, and whitespaces will remain the same in the translated version of the document. Isn't that cool?

Data security

Data security and privacy are our first priority. We don't store any user personal data on our servers. All the uploaded and translated versions of documents will be automatically deleted within one hour from our server.

Preview your document

After translating your document, you can preview it directly on the website. You can also do a side-by-side comparison of the translated and original versions of the document.

Potential use cases - Online Doc Translator

From students to content creators, anyone looking to translate the text of their Word and PDF documents will be a potential user of this online document translator.

Students and Professors

Break the language barriers in teaching, learning, and study by translating your class material and lecture notes into your native language using this AI doc translator.

Business professionals

Digital agency owners and business professionals can use this online doc translator to translate their PDF reports and Word documents into multiple languages for their clients' convenience.

Content creators

Content creators, such as YouTubers, social media influencers, and bloggers, can translate their content into other languages to increase their global reach and traffic, as well as ad revenue.

What makes us different?

Multiple unique features separate us from the many Word document translators currently available on the internet.

Easy to use

We have made this tool very easy to use, designed for people of any skill level. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this tool.

Simple UI/UX

Without any complexities in UI/UX, we have made this file translator straightforward for translating text from PDF and Word documents.

No installation required

There is no third-party app or extension installation required to use this tool; simply upload your document and get it translated into your desired language.

Free of cost

This online document translator is free of cost, unless you want extra features such as bulk document upload and translation of more than 2,000 words.

More than just document translation

You can also use the image translator to translate text from your images while preserving the background of the image.

Frequently asked questions

Can I translate PDF documents using this tool?

Yes, you can translate your scanned PDF documents into multiple languages using this file translator.

How can I translate a document?

To translate a document (pdf or word) into another language, upload it to our doc translator, select your desired target language, and hit the "translate" button. After a few seconds of processing, our file translator will translate your document, which you can then download and share.

Is this PDF document translator AI powered?

Yes, this PDF doc translator is AI-powered and uses the latest artificial neural machine translation algorithms for translating text from PDF and Word documents.

Is this tool free to use?

Yes, this Word document translator is 100% free to use.

Can I translate any document using this tool?

For the time being, you can translate only Word documents and PDF documents using our document translator. Our developers are working day and night on other document formats; soon, those will also be available.

Can I translate a scanned PDF document?

Yes, you can translate the language of scanned PDF documents. First, you need to convert the scanned PDF into Word document format using an online tool called scanned PDF to Word converter. After that, upload the converted Word document into our document translator for translation purposes.