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Flip image online horizontally or vertically, or you can do both using our image flipper.

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How To Flip An Image?

To flip a picture or mirror image follow the below simple steps.

  1. Upload or drag the image you want to flip.

  1. Click Flip X for Horizontal Flip or click Flip Y for Vertical Flip, or you can do both.

  1. Download your flipped image.

You can also invert the colors, Grayscale, Darken, or lighten your Flipped image after downloading it.

Features of our Image Flip

Following are the features of our image flip.

πŸ™ƒ Flip Image Horizontally And Vertically:

Using our image flipper online, you can flip your images horizontally or vertically or do both. 

♾️ Unlimited

There is no restriction on the processing of your images you can flip unlimited images for free.

πŸ’ Multiple Images Format Supported

Upload almost any image file format like PNG, JPG, JPEG, Webp, etc, and our Flip an Image tool will flip it.

⚑️ Fast & Accurate

Flip images quickly without any drop in quality and accuracy.

πŸ† Free To Use

Our Flip image online is 100% free to use.

βœ‚οΈ Crop before Flipping

You have an option to crop your image before you flip it. Just click the crop button after uploading your image and crop out the part you want to flip.

Applications of Our Flip Images Tool

Applications and use cases of Our Flip Images Tool

Used in Graphic design

Designers often use flipped images. They use it to create a symmetrical side-by-side effect, mirroring designs or diversifying and creating balance in their designs.

Creates Mirror Effect

You can create the mirror effects in your images using our online image flipper. 

Social Media Post

Flipped images add a touch of uniqueness and make your social media post engaging to stand out from the crowd.

Examples of Flip Images

Following are the examples of horizontal and vertical flip images:

Flip image horizontally 

Flip Image Vertically

Frequently asked questions

Following are the answers to some most commonly asked questions about our image flipper online.

How can I flip an image?

Open our Flip an Image; just upload or drag your image to this tool; click the button [Flip X] if you want a horizontal Flip or Click the button [Flip Y] if you want a vertical flip, and you can view and download the flipped version of your image.

Do I have to sign up to use this tool?

No, you do not have to sign up to use this tool; this flip image online is 100% free to use and doesn’t require any registration.

Is your Image Flipping tool available on mobile devices?

You can use this image-flipping tool on your iPhone, Android, or any other mobile device, you just need a working browser to access our image flipper.

Is there a File size limit on the Image Filp tool?

In our free version, you can upload an image up to 5 MB in file size, but if you buy our premium plan you can upload images of any file size and enjoy lots more features.

Are there any other tools available other than flip image?

The main tool we offer is Image Translator, and there are other similar and useful tools like image to text, PNG to word, Darken Image, and many more.


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