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How to use our Image translator to translate text from images?

Written by image translator team

Published: 12 August 2023

You are on this page because you need to learn how to use our image translator and want to learn
how to translate the text from your images into another language efficiently.

So, let's dive right to the point without having extra discussion.

We have defined the whole process below in step-by-step manners so that it should be easy for you to
understand and begin translating text from your images using our image translator.

We have also attached a screenshot for each step so that you can visually understand the things.

Step-by-step procedure to use our image translator

Step 1

Upload, drag and drop
your image

The first step is to upload the image from
which you want to translate the text. You
can also drag and drop your image, or you
can also use the live image URL to upload it.

image translator panel to Upload, drag and drop your image
shine bulb

Ensure your text is visible and easily readable
in the picture for accurate translation. If it is not
visible, you can edit your image first and enhance it.

Step 2

Set the target and source

Select the source language from the left
drop-down. Similarly, you can set the target
language in which you want your text translated
from the image.

image translator picture showing how to Set the target and source language

Step 3

Hit the translate button

Now press the translate button, sit back,
and wait for a few seconds; our image translator
will process your image through optical character
recognition and translate the text from your
image into your targeted language.

image translator picture showing the translate button

Step 4

Download image

At last, you can download the translated
version of your image using the download image
icon, as shown in the screenshot. You can also
download the text from your photo using the
"download txt" button.

image translator picture showing how to Download image

That's all; you see how simple it is to translate text from images without any hassle.

Frequently asked questions

Our tool supports various image formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, etc.
In our free version, you can upload image files up to 5 MB, but we are working on our premium subscriptions for a better experience in which users can upload image file sizes up to 20 MB.
We currently support 19 source languages and 120+ targeted languages, and our developers are working very hard to add more languages.
For the time being, we don't translate the right to left language text from images; we are working on it, and in future updates, we will bring new languages, which include Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic Pashto, etc, which users can translate to other languages.
No, in the free version, we don't translate the text from blurry images; you should first crop the area of the image in which your text is written and enhance the image by adjusting the brightness, clarity, and sharpness until the text appears very clear. Then, you can upload it to our tool and translate the text from your image.